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Daddies Board Shop is happy to announce that we have now picked up a new company at our shop! We're now stocked on Gold Coast Longboards and we are stoked. We are happy to have some CLASSIC shapes in our shop! The second you look at these they make you want to just take them out to the beach and cruise around enjoying the scenery.

This line up is coming in with the very stylish pintails that everyone loves so much. They have pintails of any wheelbase you would look for and any stiffness you could imagine. So if you want a shorter style pintail they have it. If you're looking for a longer pintail style for those long deep carves, they have it! They're paving the way for the shape everyone knows and loves. But they don't stop there. Gold Coast is coming in with two drop through downhill boards as well. The Gold Coast Valve and Gold Coast Pressure are great for those wanting to try out some downhilling fun. They're drop through so they're low to the ground and stiff to avoid those nasty speed wobbles!

We are also super excited about the construction of these boards. They're a maple construction which is a very good material but some of their boards are also made with bamboo. Bamboo baby! We love the bamboo since it adds a really good and lively pop and rigidity to the deck. And the boards are so affordable too. Affordable bamboo?! They must be trippin'! So make sure you take the time to check out this brand sometime, they've got us stoked and we know they'll stoke you out too.
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