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Here are some shots from the recent race here this past sunday! team riders alex tongue and robin mcguirk places 3rd and 4th! reppin that daddies name, thanks guys! Tad also held it down!

robin gave us these photos, got them from Randy Johnston.

Glad we can see those daddies logos nice and bright! Spreading the stoke! Way to go guys, keep up the good work... aka, keep on hauling balls! Cant wait to see alex on the new model! Word up to Eastside Longboards!

Speaking of Eastside... If you havent seen already, in the new concrete wave there is mention of the new Alex Tongue inspired Shape. I hear its got some beefy concave, some cut ins, more lovin than barry white, and wants to go faster than Ricky Bobby. Shake and Bake. And thats not the only new thing for eastside, the dropkick got a nice makeover as well! Now its lighter and stronger, with the help of some carbon of course. Its a drop through with a kick tail people, its awesome... you can do some pretty unique stuff on it. Its worth checking out! Hopefully I can go get some shots of it with robin soon!

-------------------Moving On-----------------

I thought I would share some funny videos with everyone. I knew one of these guys when I lived in Japan and he and his friends showed me the videos they made. ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS!

This was the original...

This was done in a trip to Naha, Okinawa

A lot of the first part of this was done in Shin Yokohama. Some at the Shin Yokohama Skatepark, some at the Nissan Stadium. And then there is just a bunch of other random stuff. Like butts.


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