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Today we would like to announce a few new riders who we have not yet added to our team, but we would like to show them our support in their endeavors. We know that all sports and activities come in all shapes and sizes, or in this case I should say, come in all styles. All us here at Daddies Board Shop have found a fine group of riders who are pushing the limits of longboarding and progressing the sport to what it will become in the future. In our first installment we would like to feature Phineas Dianasopolis hailing from Kavala, Greece. Kavala is a small town in northern Greece with access to many mountains, long steep and winding passes, and this has turned Phineas into a very diverse and inspiring rider.

Me: Well Phineas, its nice to have you here in the states. I hope its treating you good so far.

Phineus: Bro, It is treating me great! The Portland weather has been nice lately and I have been able to explore downtown and find all sorts of cool spots to longboard.

Me: Downtown has a bunch of hills, but the street cars, trains, buses, and any types of traffic really interfere.

Phineas: Well, its those obstacles that I love. People reading this interview don't know it yet but I am considered the pioneer of Short Distance Pushing or SDP. Its a form of longboarding that isnt about speed, its about strategy. You really have to plan out your lines, its not just about point A to point B. Its about Point A, all the obstacles in between, like B's, C's, D's, and so forth and eventually reaching your final destination.

Me: Just so everyone understands you better, give us a description of a session.

Phineas: Well I just had one earlier and it was a bit tricky. Generally a SDP session is going to last you about 3 to 5 minutes give or take a few seconds. Earlier today, I left the shop after checking out some new sponsorship paperwork, I just wanted some food but as I looked down the street I could see some construction going on. There was no way I was going to be able to make it by traversing on the sidewalk alone. I had to plan an alternative route which involved me actually dropping down into the parking lot, mid-run, but beyond that I was really in for a surprise. I got into my tuck and I pre-drifted around the construction zone, then I early grabbed off the curb, but what took me for a whirl was actually a stray can of spray paint that rolled right in front of me as I landed down into the parking lot. I had to think fast, I did a standee in a crouching position as fast as I could to check some speed then went immediately into chopping wood, kicked the can out of the way, then I followed it with some stylish cross-stepping to make sure that the construction workers didn't think I was some sort of amateur. Man, it was really intense... I wish I had a sequence shot of it.

Me: And didn't you find a feature that you had to ride along the way?

Phineas: (Laughing) Yes, yes I did! I went bushwacking in a sense. That is the glory of SDP, you act on your instincts, and go for what you know is going to be the most interesting course possible. I ended up in some foliage doing a nice tweaked out wheelie-nosegrab. There is a small company in Greece that makes All-Terrain abec 45 bearings. They are the most advanced bearings on the market and make it really easy to shred in even the toughest of situations, including mud, snow, bushes, lava, and floods... I used to be on their pro team when I did regular downhill.

Me: Those bearings are pretty nuts. Anyways, I dont think that I have the steady feet to pull off a procedure like that. You really have SDP down to a science, I can't believe your previous sponsors would drop you like that.

Phineas: Yeah, it was a shock to say the least but thanks to you guys I have been getting some recognition again, especially here in the states, and some new companies have been sending me incentive option packages. Right now I am just trying out product and seeing what works best for SDP, I know its going to catch on sooner or later. I have a great Idea for an S-concave that will put all other concave types to shame.

Me: I cant wait to see how that turns out! I will put in a good word with some manufacturers! What made you decide to contact us here at Daddies after your sponsors dropped you.

Phineas: Ok, after I got dropped from my sponsors, who I do not want to name... I tried to think of who has been supporting longboarding since day one. Who was there testing product in the early stages and supporting brands that originally got them nothing but ridicule from the skateboarding community? It was you guys, Daddies Board Shop! You guys didn't care what anyone said; you found enjoyment in longboarding and backed it 100% since day one! I can't thank you enough, if you wouldnt have done that and opened up shipping internationally, then I wouldnt be here today! I knew that you guys would give me the opportunity to make my dreams become a reality. I can't wait to see companies developing shapes and formulas for SDP some day, it is going to be glorious!

Me: Word to that homie, its going to be a great new year and I am sure we are going to be seeing a ton of cool stuff from you and all the dudes getting into Short Distance Pushing!

Next week we will be featuring our favorite new Brazilian Dynamo, Gustavo Alencar! His forte is one that will blow your mind just as much as Short Distance Pushing if not more; UPHILL FREERIDE! Wait til you see the shots from the photoshoot!

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