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It is crazy what iPhones did for the wannabe photographers in all of us. They have a fast shutter speed, lots of crazy apps to make your pictures look cool when they really aren't, and an array of social media platforms for sharing your life. I could never get hooked on twitter, I don't like reading stuff much but I sure do like looking at stuff. Thats what I love about Instagram and other apps like it. iPhones raised the bar in cell phone photography. Soon after they came out and people realized the power that they had and started hosting gallery showings with all iPhone taken photographs... it blew my mind. Insanely famous photographers like Chase Jarvis were out there promoting this new slightly cheesy art form. Well it is cheesy but I love it! Check out some of our photos!
Johnny Turgesen and Joey Martin shredding around
The reason we are bringing this up is because we just started running an instagram contest! It will run for 4 weeks and each week we will announce a new winner and they will receive a prize pack from us! So if you need some inspiration give these photos a look over. They don't pertain to the contest but this is the sort of creativity level we are talking about. Good composition, good colors, nice and crisp photos... the whole shebang! We want action!
Jose flowing the park harder than anyone!
Mt. Hood from the skies!
The Oregon Coast - Cannon Beach
A truck axel and nut
Pete Benda With an Ollie to Fakie
Brent Atchley Boostin a mini Hip with the light feet!
Johnny Turgesen and another local shredding some DIY Park tranny.
Epic 5-0's
My house in Japan - its nice to inherit stuff.
Family get together in Japan
Tricking it up!
Some worn out "These" wheels.
Up a tree
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