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Good things come in threes. So what happens when you get three really good things coming together? You get the three new Jet Longboards that just came into our shop. That would be the Jet Potato, the Jet Vulcan X, and the Jet Soul Shredder. We think these three boards are ready for you gnar shredders. Here's why: The Jet Potato has the top mount directional design that's been growing oh so popular nowadays! What sets this apart is it's a speed stiff freeride race board with VERY nimble wheelbase options. And with each wheelbase option, Jet has thought through its design and made sure that the wheel wells designed into the board are suitable for whichever wheelbase you decide on using. The other great thing about this board is the fact that with such nimble wheelbase options, Jet only needs to use 8 plies of maple to keep this board speed stiff and downhill ready. What that means is a deck that will be lighter than your standard 9 ply or 10 ply decks while keeping all of the benefits. Plus it lowers the ride height of the deck by just a tad bit. That's sick! As for the Jet Vulcan X: what we love about longboarding is the fact that it's a sport for anyone to try out. Whether big or small, Jet is keeping riders prepared. If you think you're a little too big for the Jet Potato, it's ok because the Vulcan X would be perfect for you. It's in theory a larger version of the Jet Potato. It has a larger wheelbase, making it more stable. However, it kept the ideas of the very useful wheel wells. It also has 8 plies of maple giving it a very comfortable flex but will still be able to handle the fast speeds you throw at it. Big or small, this board rocks! The Jet Soul Shredder is just a dope looking board in our opinion. It's a board we're very happy to carry because we love the way Jet is running things. They had a LOT of rider input in designing this board. It has a lot of influence from Evren Ozan and Fernando Yuppie in particular. They've designed the Sould Shredder for the most radtastic time and ability. Definitely has the California influence and LBDR steeze. It comes handy with .5 inches of radial concave to keep you locked in and a 25 inch wheelbase for the perfect amount of stability and nimbleness, plus an EXTREMELY fun nose and tail.
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