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We all know Mark Gonzales is a legend, an artist, a gender leader and an overall kook. With the new line up of Krooked Skateboards we have rolling through here now each and every one of those aspects is touched on in great detail and you can tell that Mark’s blood is flowing through these boards. To us Krooked always seems to be keeping it real while maintaining a low key under-the-radar status in the skateboarding world. It’s hard to believe that they have some of the most raw talent that has ever stepped on a board riding on their team. With folks like Bobby Worrest and his Tit for Tat deck, or Mike Anderson slaying anything in his way riding his 8 1/4-inch slab of wood while rocking his Collab Converse shoes. Then you got Brad Cromer topping off this harsh cocktail with his mellow style and finesse. Krooked Skateboards continues to display some of the most interesting artwork while supplying us with the great Deluxe wood straight out of ‘Frisco. Don’t give me no bammer deck, ride a Krooked deck and keep it in check.

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