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Charlie Darragh has his own pro model board, but this board is so much more than just that. The complete pro model or BRO-model! It's simple, yet sophisticated; classy, yet raunchy, it's calm, yet cool. The do-it-all setup from Landyachtz: the all new Landyachtz Charlie Horse Hollow Tech.

"But wait, there's already the Charlie Horse." Well this one has Hollow Tech! Please understand the pure awesomeness that is Hollow Tech construction! But that's ok. Hollow Tech construction removes all of the unnecessary wood in the board, thus taking away all of the unnecessary weight. What that means is you get a setup that’s not light, but extremely responsive in its ride. The reason you get more response out of the Hollow Tech is simply because it is much lighter. Having leverage and turning on a light board is made much easier than lugging around a tank of a setup. This makes for freeriding ease when whipping out stand up slides, and gives you extreme response for fast cornering when downhilling.

So what we have for you is a beast of a downhill board, an amazing freeride setup, and something that isn't terrible to carry back up the hill. This board features a maple hollow core, and two plies of fiberglass, giving you a ride that is both speed stiff and stable. This board is 35.5 inches long, 9 inches wide, and features wheelbase options from 23 - 26 inches, giving you everything you could look for in a setup. It’s short and nimble, long and stable. There honestly isn't a reason why you wouldn't want a Charlie Horse Hollow Tech. It’s an extra cool, badass board that’s a breeze to freeride and carry back up the hill!

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