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The Landyachtz Drop Speed is sweet and simple and we'll keep it sweet and simple too! The Drop Speed is a downhill freeride board with a drop through design. Like all drop throughs that means it's lower to the ground, making it more stable as well as easier to slide. Who doesn't love that? And with this model Landyachtz decided to have a neutral platform rather than have rocker or camber. This will give you the truest geometry in your trucks giving you the turn and lean you are used to. It’s the one time you won't hate geometry. Landyachtz also added wheel flares giving you wheel clearance as well as giving you a reference point for your feet and locked in feel when you're freeriding. All wrapped together this board is speed stiff with 8 plies of Canadian maple and one ply of fiberglass with a sublimated graphic. We're super stoked to have the Landyachtz Drop Speed in our lineup.
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