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The Landyachtz Top Speed is a completely new board coming in from Landyachtz for 2013 and it is radtastic. This top mounted board is going to dominate the racing series. The Landyachtz Top Speed offers superior traction for holding sharp lines and quicker turning for the best racing experience. What makes this board different than any other top mount design? First, it's a symmetrical top mount rather than the directional design. This makes this board fantastic for freeriding and 180 slides because it'll all ride the same. The second thing that makes this board different is the design in the concave and the way it cradles your feet. It's like getting a foot rub from a dragon of gnar. Or it's more like W concave matched with 3d wheel wells to give you the ultimate lock in feeling..... Which ever way you'd wanna look at it. The thing is that the W concave meets perfectly at the arch of your foot, and what the 3d wheel wells do is they capture the front of your foot, giving you a completely enclosed and supported speed tuck. When you're hauling down a hill the 3d wheel wells give you points of reference for your feet and you know exactly where your feet are the whole run. And the locked in feel is so great for freeriding and huge standies. You'll never slip off. All in all this board is a downhill freeride monster. Oh wait.... are we done? Nope! This board isn't just one but actually two! It comes in two different sizes! The Landyachtz Top Speed 36 and the Landyachtz Top Speed 34. So all you shredders whether big or small are able to get your hands on a Landyachtz Top Speed!
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