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The Madrid Havoc WMD, also known as the Madrid Havoc 2.0 is a weapon of mass destruction, ready to slay anything and everything in your path. This board is a versatile shred-everything setup. From bombing mountain passes, to city slaying, this board was made to do it all.

The Madrid Havoc WMD comes in at 38.25 inches long, 10 inches wide, and has wheelbase options for days! The wheelbase options vary from 21.5 inches all the way to 25.5 inches with 8 different options in between, for 10 different wheelbases total. Holy bajeebus that's a lot of wheelbase options! So when you mount this setup on the inner wheelbase, you'll get a sick city slasher that's extremely nimble and badass. Slap on the longest wheelbase and you'll have a setup that is speed ready for both downhill and freeriding.

The Madrid Havoc WMD features CNC'd wheelwells, giving you the ability to run wheels of all sizes and shapes. Whether it’s big fast bombers, or mini city cruisers, the WMD is ready for all riding styles. And for extra wheel clearance, this board also features wheel well flares, a great way to give you points of references for your tuck, to lock you in, and give you all sorts of riding goodness. Finally, slap on a radical kicktail as the icing on the shred-it-all cake and you'll kill it with the all new Madrid Havoc WMD.

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