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Madrid Nessie LongboardWe at DBS have taken a few months traversing the world, on the hunt constantly, exploring all kinds of wilderness and we have finally found her. We have finally spotted Nessie and we brought her back to headquarters! Yes we have a legend in the house! Ok, it's not actually the Loch Ness Monster... It's actually the new Madrid Nessie! And it's one monster of a board! It's a rad freestyle, freeride, and technical downhill board. The Madrid Nessie is 38.5 inches long, 9.5 inches wide, and has wheelbase options of 23.5 and 24.5. We know that this is what you thane shredders have been craving: A do-it-all wheelbase. It's short and nimble so that all of your freeriding needs are met because this way you'll actually be on top of your trucks rather than the inside of them. This makes direct leverage over your trucks and wheels much easier so you have complete control over your board. This is especially nice when you're incorporating spins into your riding because the direct leverage is nice when there is a lot of transitioning between regular and goofy. You'll be in complete control at all times! The best feature of this board has to be the intense amount of rocker that comes with it. This board has .75 inches of rocker. That's the most we've ever seen on the market, and we love it. The rocker makes this one of the most comfortable board we've ever stood on! We know that some of you worry though. "Won't the rocker raise the angle of my trucks and make my board less stable?" Yes it will! Good thinking valued rider! But Madrid also thought of that. That's why they put recessed truck mounts to negate the effects of the rocker on the trucks. To add to the boards already awesome features, Madrid combined both wheel flares and wheel wells so that not only do you get a ton of wheel clearance but you also get awesome pockets to fit your feet into. But what is that strange black top you ask? It's Formica! Why use that instead of wood? Well for one, it lets you keep the board speed stiff so that you can charge large hills! And two, it is actually a vibration dampener so that your ride remains smooth and cool. Throw in a micro kicktail and you have a board that's just amazing! It may be more common than the loch ness monster, but the Madrid Nessie is just as big of a sight to behold!
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