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So... I know that its tough for skateboarders and longboarders when it comes to the ladies. Generally being on a board is what takes up most of your time, am I right? You just want to keep going out there and doing what you love... its understandable... wood and urethane is awesome. It frosts my cookies as I am sure it does the same for you. Occasionally you WILL see a skater girl out there and I would say that more often than not, your first question is wondering if it is actually a female... and then the next might be wondering if she crawled out from a swamp-sewer of black death. But we would like for you guys to know... there is hope.

The Concrete Shredding Gods however have blessed this world with a rare group of beauties. Thus, we would like to present to you Marisa Nunez in her new sleek and dashing new leathers. We dont really know what to say about these other than... they rock and Marisa looks great in them. The Daddies logo really accentuates her... um, elbows? Lol... well check it out and keep your eyes peeled for Marisa cause this year is going to hold some big stuff in store for her! Wait for it, I'm calling it now!

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