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So sorry about the lack of longboarding content in these last few posts. It is just so much easier to gather some buddies up for an indoor session than it is to find guys who want to go bomb in the rain. So my friend Robert and I went to a parking garage down by Portland State University and we hit up a classic Portland rail.
Robert can ollie over whatever he wants. He is easily two and a half feet over this cone. The way I see it, no matter what style of skating that you're into you absolutely have to spend some time just doing ollies around a city. There are plenty of good hybrid decks out there that will let you explore your creative potential! For instance, the Comet Shred 35! It is pretty big but the beauty of it is that its still super functional for freeriding due to its size. But having it's standard skateboard construction it ends up still being pretty light weight. Even if you put RKP trucks like Paris on it the weight stays pretty low. Then there are millions of wheel options! Volante wheels, 66mm abec 11 freerides, 65mm orangatang fat free's. So many options! Other sweet boards would be the Arbor Bug or the Hybrid, or one of my personal favorites, the Eastside Longboards Tabor!
I guess I'm writing this more toward people who never had a background in skateboarding. I know a lot of kids out there right now who started out with longboarding and haven't known the love of snapping their tail down and doing an ollie up or something. Do you remember when you first learned how to hold your stand ups out longer? You were stoked right? See thats the feeling you get when you do ollies, I swear they are the same! It just sucks when you fall off something. I don't know what sucks more. Falling straight down off of something high or falling going super fast and sliding on the ground. Impact vs Road Rash. Now I am going to be pondering this for days until I have fallen hard off a skateboard and off of a longboard. Tricky. I have baffled myself.
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