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Have you ever heard of a Bull Shark? The Bull Shark is what you get when you take a normal shark like a Great White - which may kill you because it mistook you as a seal, or some other cute creature - and give it superpowers, like the ability to survive in freshwater and saltwater. When you combine that with their scientifically-proven desire to hunt humans as food, this super shark is able to pick you off on the coast or chow down on your chest somewhere upstream in the middle of the country. The Bull shark is pretty much what it’s like when Never Summer takes their great snowboards and reworks them into all-terrain superpower snow hunters. The great becomes even greater.

This season, three new boards have been added to Never Summer’s top-notch snowboard collection. The Never Summer Chairman, a big mountain boss, the Never Summer Snowtrooper, a souped-up shredder designed for all mountain shenanigans, and the Never Summer Ripsaw, a hulk-like power house made for plowing through anything that gets in its way.

Last season was the last season for Never Summer’s trustworthy all-mountain favorite The SL/Legacy. No need to worry, the all new Snowtrooper is pretty much the same board except that they upgraded it by adding Never Summer’s Extended Transition Rocker Camber. The EXRC profile allows the board to flow with the snow instead of pushing against it. This improves your turning, traction and floatation. Basically, your snowboard has been enhanced to make it even easier for you to seek out the best lines on the mountain.

When you take Never Summer’s big mountain masters, the Raptor and the Premier F1, highlight their best features and smash them into one board, you get the brand new Never Summer Chairman. This board comes equipped with Never Summer’s top-of-the-line Carbonium top sheet, Extended Rocker Camber Profile, and NS superlight wood core. It is rated at 9.5 damping and 8.0 on the flex meter making this ride ready for a man on a mission. It has an all new side cut which utilizes multiple radiuses that go beyond the ability of Never Summer’s Vario Power Grip so you can dig deep and point it out. You can go ahead and add the Premier and the Raptor to the endangered species list because the Chairman is one super big mountain shred stick that’s riding its way to the top of the food chain.

About Halfway through last season Never Summer released the all new Ripsaw snowboard. This board is not a modified version of any old board. It is a brand new all-mountain mashing mutant created in the depths of the Never Summer board building factory. They have birthed what may be the most powerful true twin snowboard to date. In fact, it’s so powerful and versatile that they decided to fill in the entire park/pipe, freestyle, freeride, big mountain rating chart in the catalog. I’m pretty sure this has never been done before. One of the most unique features of this board is the new Camber Rocker profile which amplifies the cambered area increasing the amount of pop and power underneath your feet. From park to peak, the Ripsaw harnesses the energy to crush everything. It just needs you to release it.

Never Summer is notorious for creating some of the best-feeling boards in the industry. They have figured out how to combine agility and power without sacrificing control. If you want to get on a board that’s beyond great, definitely pick up one of these new models, the Ripsaw, the Chairman, and the Snowtrooper.

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