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Mmmmmmm... Nothing makes us quite as happy in the morning like a fresh cup of coffee... Well, there is one thing that makes us happier, that's a fresh cup of coffee and a shipment of all the new Rayne boards into the shop. Yep that's right, get ready to have your thane brain blown. The all new Rayne Savage, and the new Kyle Wester Promodel Rayne V2 Vandal. These boards are oh so amazing and they both feature a popular 90's rap topic: Fat Bottoms.

The Kyle Wester actually has an extra fat bottom, to keep the board speed stiff at speeds Kyle races at. The Fat Bottom construction on both of these boards gives you a very strong center. This keeps these boards speed stiff and lets you have a stable ride at top speeds. They both thin out towards the edges keeping your board extremely light. These boards both features flares from the Fat Bottom to give you a point of reference for feet. This means that no matter when or where you're riding, you'll never have to look down at your board to know where your feet are, helping you keep your eyes on the prize.

The Rayne Savage features a symmetrical non-symmetrical setup as well, it's a completely symmetrical board, and on the widest wheelbase option it gives you a ride that'll be completely center mounted, but when you put it on the most inner wheelbase option, the mounting is 1/4-inch closer towards your back foot, giving you a ton more leverage where you want it. It’s a symmetrical board with a symmetrical and non-symmetrical wheelbase option. The Rayne Kyle Wester Vandal V2 features multiple wheelbase options as well, letting you either have a short and nimble ride, or a long and stable setup. Stable enough for you to race Kyle himself!

How sweet is all this new Rayne stuff? Oh but wait, there's more... We have the all new and Rayne Amazon Warrior graphics as well. They now feature a corresponding graphics with their sweet names, letting you know exactly what you're riding. No matter what you're riding for this racing season, if you're not riding a Rayne board, there may be a few things you need to change... Look at your life and look at your choices. Rayne will ensure a fast and luxurious ride, no matter what the situation may be.

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