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Original KT ArbiterOne of the most popular downhill boards on the market has come out with it's bigger brother. The new Original KT Arbiter. The main difference between this board and the original Original Arbiter is obvious. The massive kicktail! Can you say, "game-changer?" Hopefully you can – it’s a pretty easy word to say. But I digress... Ollies and manuals and a whole wide variety of tricks are now easier than ever on your downhilling board. This gives you the ability to skate anything and everything in your way. The new Original KT Arbiter still saves everything that you have known and loved from the old Arbiter including the great concave it holds, directional shape, and top mount design. But it did tweak a few things as well. This time the wheel wells are huge, and we mean ginormous. This not only gives you wheel clearance but it also greatly reduces the weight of the board. That means more air for ollies and early grabs simply because there is less weight on the board. If you're lookin' for a downhill board that gives you a little bit of sugar and spice to throw some new tricks into, the Original KT Arbiter is one worth checking out.
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