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Oh man, Rayne is killing it super hard this year. And they're especially looking out for you grom shredders out there! This year they took some of their most popular boards and made mini versions of them for all you little guys.

The first is the Rayne Terror. This is the shorter baby brother of the Rayne Rival and the Rayne Supreme. It has all the same features you have loved in these boards as well. The 5/8 radial drop platform with the 3 stage rocker to ensure you're locked in at all times. Then there's the nose and tail that adds as perfect little kicks to make sure you are shredding and freestyling harder than ever.

Next in the grom addiction addition is the Rayne Reaper. This is the shorter version of the Rayne Nemesis. This is perfect for all of you freeriding and downhilling little devils out there who are looking for maximum speed. The dropped platform is shorter, making it perfect for anyone with a shorter stance who is looking to get into a tighter speed tuck, making it perfect for those who have the ready and willing need for speed.

All of these boards have brand new graphics and sick setups making them feel fresh out of the mold for 2014. Rayne Longboards, of course, are always made with a bamboo and laminated fiberglass design making sure you get the most durable boards on the market while still being extremely light. They are all speed stiff in design, letting you know that you are ready for going as fast as possible. But if downhilling isn't your fancy, Rayne has the all new revamped slide series that is perfect for pools and parks and everything you may want to throw at it. Ready to do it all is the all new Rayne lineup for 2014.

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