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The Rayne Slide Series is coming back and harder than ever. Featuring the revamped 2015 Rayne Catalyst, 2015 Rayne Phantom, and 2015 Rayne Homewrecker, the double kick slide series will be shred-ready for whatever you may have in your path. The Slide Series features a simple design in extremely functional shapes. Whether you're looking for a park and tech slide oriented setup, or if you want to go fast and downhill on a very nimble setup, the slide series has it all. Built with Rayne’s extra durable construction, the boards are light, strong, and ready for predictable slides. But don't forget that Rayne is bringing back an old classic, the Rayne Forge. A sweet dancer cruiser setup, in Rayne's construction, this board is perfect. With the snappy responsiveness of bamboo and fiberglass, you'll get the perfect amount of flex. Weaving and whipping around corners, you'll have a ride that gives you a ton of energy return helping you push less, and coast and carve more. Overall, the 2015 Rayne lineup is looking sweet and promising for whatever you may be looking for.

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