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Rayne DarksideIn a Galaxy far far away... Or just in Portland, Oregon... A new board has arrived... The Rayne Darkside... Cue the music for the Imperial March. Yes that's right. We at Daddies Board Shop are now on the Darkside. Well... maybe we're not, but we put in our application to rent out the Death Star. But for now our feet will be on the Darkside! If you haven't seen it yet, this board is the new single kick setup coming from Rayne longboard. This is the first single kick Rayne has released and it is nothing less than perfect. Awesome features about this board is obviously the kick. The bamboo and fiberglass design of this board gives it a really special pop feeling when you're trying to get some air. It's different yes, but a good kind of different. A new kind of different, a different side, the Dark side... Ok, maybe we should be done with the Dark Side references... But they're just too good not to make! Well, if all you want to hear about is the board then fine... This board comes in with a 23 inch wheel base option all the way to 25 inches giving you the ability to either have the shorter wheelbase to do really quick 180 spins and 360 stand up slides or you can put it at the longer wheelbase so that it's more stable to go much bigger and do nimble downhilling and also the ability to do huge stand up slides. Along with this wheelbase comes the classic radial drop you have seen from Rayne before. This Radial drop locks your feet in whether you want to go mobbing or go downhilling or just to feel good underneath your feet. Wait, feeling good? More like feels devilishly great. Yeah that's the way to put it. There's nothing good or nice about the DARKside. It's just devilishly awesome. Then also comes in the bacon concave. Which are ripples of waves down the side of the board like, well, like bacon! It gives you plenty of concave for your feet whereever you put it, and what says Rayne Darkside more then the smoked and cooked dead carcass of an animal? As far as we know or as Rayne is concerned, we would say nothing. Go to our website today and check it out! The quicker you order the faster it will ship from the Death Star. Yep, we got approved to rent out the Death Star so we will be relocating soon. Very soon.
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