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Rayne Future Killer and Rayne PiranhaOh man! We're making it Rayne at Daddies Board Shop! Two new boards just came in! We are now stocked on the new Rayne Piranha and the new Rayne Future Killer! Get stoked on going fast, going sideways, and straight up winning podiums because that's all you'll be able to do with these new boards. The new Piranha is a double drop board with a 5/8" radial drop giving you a locked in feeling when tucking and racing. And because it's so low, it's also awesome for pushing! The Piranha is the baby brother to the Rayne Amazon. So for those of you who thought the Rayne Amazon is just a little bit too big, Rayne has answered your prayers! The smaller ride gives you a tighter turning radius, a quicker and more responsive ride, and gives an assist to those with smaller tucks. On the second episode of "DBS Makes it Rayne," comes the new Rayne Future Killer. The Rayne Future Killer is symmetrical enough to freeride without a care in the world, but is directional enough so that downhilling on it you'll always have a front and a back so that you will never lose direction. What does that mean? The Future Killer is setup so that the board is completely symmetrical. Consequently, when you freeride it doesn't matter which way you're riding it. "But Daddies, you just said it's also directional??" We're getting to that! Yes, the board is completely symmetrical, but the W concave in the board and on the standing foot platform is not symmetrical. The Rayne Future Killer is introducing something new in Rayne we haven't seen before. The back has the standard W concave you've always known and loved but the front has a new bubble dome concave. This will lock your feet in for when you tuck, and your front foot will be caressed on all sides by the Radial concave in the front and bubble dome concave in the back of your foot. Your toes and heel will be locked in by the wheel well flares and pleasure dome concave. 100% locked in feeling for the ULTIMATE tuck. This will ensure you never lose your tuck making you the fastest shredder down the hill! We are so stoked we're on our way to setting one up right now... We'll be right back.... Now that we're done putting Vicious grip on the Future Killer we'll fill you in lastly on why you should join the Rayne game. Both these boards are speed stiff giving you the ability to race and charge any mountain path in your way. And then both of these boards are made from vertically laminated bamboo and tri axel fiberglass making them extremely durable boards! And last but not least, each board has a bees wax finish around the edges making them water resistant and giving them a sweet honey scent! If you're looking for the perfect boards, check out the new Rayne Piranha and new Rayne Future Killer. Make it Rayne Thane!
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