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Real Skateboards are brought to us by Deluxe Distribution down in San Francisco and have been killing it lately with their graphics. Anywhere from a shout out to In-N-Out Burger on Peter Ramondetta’s pro model, to the desensitization of our minds with their prescription pill themed graphics. As always, Real offers a Medical Marijuana shout out that is all too relevant with this country’s ongoing legalization campaign. As always, Deluxe wood is some of the best on the market and it is quite obvious with the heavy hitting team that they have. With riders like Dennis Busenitz, Skater of the Year Ishod Wair, and James Hardy, Real Skateboards is definitely a company that we can all get behind and support with our Mom’s sponsorship by constantly hitting them up to buy us a new board. Let your mother know that her hard-earned money is going to a good cause when purchasing a new shred stick from Real Skateboards. Whether it’s the new Ishod Two Tailz deck or the Highly Addictive deck, she will be proud when you ride away to the local skate park ready for trouble concealing your 2 foot glass bong and a six pack in your backpack.

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