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Who out there likes to skate rock hard wheels for perfect speed and control? Ricta Skateboard Wheels is definitely the wheel company for you. With heavy hitters like Nyjah Huston, Brandon Westage and Jerry Hsu, you know they have great products. Keep it techy and rock a 53mm to 54mm wheel and slap some of these on your set up. We prefer the Ricta Crushers, currently the wheel that Curren Caples slays it with. Having a traditional Bones wheel aesthetic to them they, are a solid go-to wheel for the streets and the park. If you prefer to just cruise take a look at the Ricta Clouds coming in both 78a and 86a. More than just a true cruiser wheel, they have a skateboard shape (so we all know the kooks will be into them). Ricta Wheels has been killing it for years and will continue to do so. Look for the up and coming things they have in store and experience how Ricta kills it.

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