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First off: Thanks to Anna O'Neill & Jeff Wilkins for the super gangster shots!

Look at Robin with all that glorious Daddies gear... Flossin!

Hands in the air like you just dont care!


Crossin that line!

Robin and Paul Kent - They Battled it out!

Props to everyone out killing it in Canada.

So everyone, here is a rundown on what went down... Robin was up in Edmonton at the High Level DH comp where he was racing against some fast mofo's. Out of the 70 folks up there he had the 5th fastest qualifying time. He went 4 rounds head to head advancing to the quarter-finals where he had to go up against defending champ, George MacKensie (Sector 9). It was a close race but George took it and ending up winning the event. Robin has him next year!

Next Robin competed in a Rogue Race which was on a narrow path where there were some downhill spots where he was clocked at 57kph which is rad for a distance race. He tailed Paul Kent most the time, gaining on him during the downhills (Paul was clocked at 52kph) but falling back in the uphills. Darn you Paul!!! Robin and Paul finished far ahead of the pack and it was again a close race!!! Robin had a blast and the Canadians treated him well! As if Canadians could even be mean lol.

Good Job Robin! Way to spread the stoke!!!
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