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Thanks to Heidi Germann we have some sweet photos of Scoot and the New Sector 9 Tiffany. I love seeing green mixed in with those downhill division graphics. Sector 9 is seriously stepping up there game and it is AWESOME. I am stoked to see Scoot in the races this year.
Scoot can sometimes be seen emancipating himself from mental slavery... cause none but ourselves can free our minds, or grip our boards. I dunno but I am digging those slide gloves. How about you guys?
Oh what? Those stickers on Scoot's triple 8 look GOOD.
Scoot easily has some of the most textbook hands down slides. I love watching him skate and am SOOOOO insanely pumped to see him shredding up Maryhill this year. I cannot wait for that race. Scoot is going to kill it!
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