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The Sector 9 Downhill Division is revamped harder than ever and it’s finally here to help you win races and take names. The lineup is looking fresher than ever and, holy hell, are we stoked. This year S9 released 6 all new boards and one of them is a pro model too! If you’re ready to rock some of the cleanest, raddest, and most well designed boards out there, it’s time to look at the Sector 9 Downhill Division.

In the lineup of topmounts, we have the Sector 9 Barge, the Sector 9 Dojo, the Sector 9 Javelin, and the Sector 9 Bomber. These boards have high traction, high response, and high levels of gnar involved in all of these boards. The Sector 9 Barge, Sector 9 Bomber, and Sector 9 Javelin are all directional speed boards. Having a specific nose and tail and a directional shape gives you maximum stability for downhilling to ensure the only thing on your mind is the finish line. The Sector 9 Dojo is a symmetrical downhill board that gives you an amazing touch of freeride as well. The elliptical micro drop platform is the perfect touch to lock you in a speed tuck as well as for freeriding.

When it comes to the world of drop through boards, we have the all new Sector 9 Gauntlet - the low rider of the series. This board is low to the ground and extra stable. The Gauntlet also features a symmetrical design with gas pedals, giving you all of the freeriding goodness you’d want, while keeping downhilling in mind.

Last but not least, we have the all new Sector 9 Arrow. Pro model rider Louis Pilloni! After all these years it was about time he had a board that fit his style of riding: top mount, stiff, stable and filled with all the goodies. It has a front foot wedge and flush wheel mounts, to give you a low ride with the true geometry of the trucks. With a sweet kicktail to top it all off, makes this DH board a versatile freeride and freestyle beast as well.

All in all, we couldn't be more excited about the all new Sector 9 DHD lineup for 2014. Watch out for these boards and their bitchin' graphics this race season topping podiums.

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