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This is a letter we received from someone who lost someone dear to them in a longboarding related incident.

My name is Anthony Amato. I've been longboarding for a couple years now, and i love it. My best friend and pretty much brother (Josh Plunkard), the guy that got me into longboarding and I used to always skate with had an accident and unfortunately did not make it. He was such a genuenly good person, nice to everyone he met. Its been a very hard couple of weeks but this could have been avoided by simply wearing a helmet. I'm just trying to spread the word of this to encourage everyone to wear their helmets. We need to make it "cool" to wear a helmet. Here's a link to an article interviewing his dad about the incident.... please help me spread the word. This has been a tragedy and I don't want other people to have to go through losing someone they love so much just as I (and many other people) have.


Thank You,
Anthony Amato


Helmets are cool, its incredibly uncool to shred without them. I know a lot of people out there think they wont get hurt and that they are invincible but thats just not the case. We really need to encourage people as much as we can to wear their helmets and skate safe. If you have a friend who doesnt use a helmet, please... get together with some other buddies and buy him/her one. A quality helmet doesnt cost more than $45 bucks... between a couple friends thats a low cost and a good one to pay to help keep your friends safe.

Spread the love, spread the safety, and spread the stoke.
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