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Howdy Ho mates,

As you all may know here at daddies we made the Pups of Longboarding calendar last year and all the proceeds went to the oregon human society. Well this year we made volume 2! Half of the proceeds go to the oregon humane society and the other half of the proceeds are going to the childrens relief nursery!

children and pets need the most support out of anyone, they have no voice of their own and dont understand and know the world the way that adults do. If we arent there to help and support them then they have nowhere to turn to.

You guys all know Adam Colton from Loaded, Orangatang, Paris, and Longboard Larry. Adam is a pretty damn smart guy and he has a big heart. He agreed to give us a hand in earning some more money for charity by doing a sketch on one of the calendars and signing it. He thought it would only earn about $5.00... cause he is modest and humble... LETS PROVE HIM WRONG! START BIDDING GUYS! GET YOUR PARENTS BIDDING and GET YOUR FRIENDS BIDDING!


Help make a difference guys! Its not everyday that you get a chance to do something as cool yet simple as this!!!

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