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SO first off... here is a huge props to Katie, Alex, And Robin! All holding it down and reppin the daddies crew amazingly!

Robin "The Leg" McGuirk took 3rd place at The Adrenalina Skateboard Marathon! That is a HUGE accomplishment and definitely a highlight in Robin's career! Good job Robskey, you deserve it!!!

Katie Took first in womens AGAIN at the IGSA event in INSUL, GERMANY! That makes 3 in a row!!! Katie, you are killing the IGSA World Cup Series and we are so proud of you! Keep on shreddin girl!!!

Next We have Alex Tongue, who in an amazing display of sportsmanship rode hand in hand across the finish line with a rider who collided with him earlier on in the race! They tied for 3rd and it was a great move on his behalf! After all the fighting and dirty riding that went down at Insul it was great to see a little camaraderie and unity amongst fellow racers!!!! Thanks Alex for being the awesome sport that you are! We see this and are so stoked to have guys like you on our team!

Well everyone... check out the IGSA site for more updates! Hopefully we will have more interesting news coming your way soon!
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