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http://vimeo.com/34740389 - Check this Video out sent to us by Alexey Romanov! If you guys dont know, he is our homie over in Russia! Spreading the stoke and getting more and more people on board!

I saw these a while ago and got to play around with them. They are the new hot item from the wheel company that everyone loves. The Orangatang Balut. Now, you may think they were talking about that nasty half fertilized duck egg thing from the Philippines but they arent. The Balut is a new centerset freeride wheel from Orangatang with their new Euphorethane. The shape mixed with this new core allows you to do ungodly long stand up slides with ease, thus the need for a new longer lasting thane. The contact patch is very thin, coming in at only 35mm but its nice and tall 72.5mm. Its a wonderful little shape that Otang has been perfecting for a while and we cant wait til they show up at our door!
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