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We all know the old skateboard kooks. The guys who claim to be the first one to steal a pair of their sister’s roller skates, ditch the shoe, and slap them on an old 2x4 to bomb it down a hill. The old guy that claims to have been the one who taught Tony Hawk or John Cardiel everything they know. We are all too aware that we may very well become one of these same gentlemen in our later years. We believe Sunset Flare LED Skateboard wheels are a prime example of something that the inner kook in all of us loves.

When I cruise into work during the early A.M. or go bar-hopping at night, Sunset wheels have everyone I pass by looking at me like I’m crazy. Everyone is constantly asking me where I got them, how they work, and/or how great of an idea it is. As these wheels roll and have pressure applied on them (simply by riding your board) they shed bright colorful LED light. When you come to a halt they stop. They are a great way to trip out every kid you see. And if you happen to be under a bridge or bring them to a rave, you may trip out folks way into their teens in a much different way - if you catch my drift. Coming in at 54mm, 59mm, 65mm and soon to be 69mm, there’s a size for any occasion. Get some Sunset Flare LED Wheels on you and your crew’s boards, drop a tab, and let the tracers set in.

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