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So, clearly Comet has been making some big moves over the past little bit but there is a little something we are super excited about more than anything. Meet the Comet Archetype. This board is a top mounted (actually, FLUSH cut top mounted, which means the bottom of the board has been routed out a bit so your trucks fit directly into the actual skateboard resulting in a lower ride height and a little added control with weight distribution on your rails while riding), a mid size length at 37" and a pretty wide width at 9.75". All these size features are complimented by a rockered platform and concave that are sure to hold your feet right in while your goin' sideways at maximum speed. The Comet Archetype is a symetrical board, meaning the exact same from nose to tail. Ride it regular, ride it switch, it doesn't matter. As for wheelbase, we've got two options to choose from. 26.3" on the inner mounts will ensure some very responsive turning and the extra inch on the 27.3" outer mounts will provide that little extra stability when speed is certainly a factor in your riding. Our boy Liam helped film this video of Anthony Flis and Eric Jensen ripping this board around the super gnar hills of Berkeley, California.

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