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I know that some people are out there trying to protect whales... but those are ones that are in the water. Not the ones on land. Well... we met an interesting feller named Patrick who was fighting the war on land whales. Why was he doing this? Turns out that not that long ago... Patrick was hovering around 240 pounds. Thats not a big deal if you are 7'5" but how many people are giants? Patrick had a cool surfer doctor who said... "Whoa bro... you've gotta shed some pounds and get in shape." So Patrick hopped up on a longboard and has been bombin hills ever since!

Now, Patrick is at a conscious weight of 160 pounds! He dropped all the way down to around 150 pounds. Essentially he lost around 90 pounds in the first 11 months and went from a size 42W pant size to a 29W!!! That is amazing!!! Im healthy and skate a lot but Patrick is doing way better than me! Probably all the beer consumption, oh well.

Now Patrick is our leader in the war against whale sharks!!!

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