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Liam Morgan it’s out there since the first time I’ve heard about “Downhill Skateboards”, he and I have been part of the same teams for a few years now, (Comet back in the day, Caliber, Blood Orange and Daddies Board Shop) and I must say I just see him going bigger and progressing in this industry more everyday. Boys, ladies and little kids.. everybody follows and loves Liam. I wanted to share this conversation we had a few days ago and added some of my favorite photos I’ve found on his page. Check it out!

Hey Liam! What’s your “Top 5” places you’ve been to this year and describe each in 1 word.

  • South Africa - People
  • Australia - Skating
  • Germany - Drinking
  • Mexico - Scenery
  • Dominican Republic - Beaches
Liam Morgan Profile

What’s your favorite part about your sponsors?

  • Caliber and Blood Orange are great because they have a heavy focus on media marketing and travel.
  • Arbor is dope because they have similar interests of Caliber and make the highest quality skateboards out of just wood.
  • Daddies is awesome because over the past few years they have become so supportive of the downhill community. Awesome to be aligned with companies like that.
Liam Morgan Profile

Are you doing any other work for your sponsors?

Other that helping to create content my main job is to just skate!

Liam Morgan Profile

Tell me the 3 funniest thing you’ve heard from your fan girls?

Hard to recall exact stories, but I’ve heard some pretty weird shit.

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Best place you’ve skated in the world?


What’s so special about it?

It has some pretty epic roads paired with perfect pavement, Europe also has epic roads and the scenery through the mountains there is some of the most amazing I’ve seen.

Liam Morgan Profile

What’s your next big adventure?

Don’t have anything planned out but I know it won’t be long until I’m on the road again.

Tell me your favorite moments while filming GRADE

Just traveling the world with my friends while creating something memorable. Not a lot of people get to do that and I feel pretty privileged.

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3 things you do almost everyday and nobody knows.

  • Ride my bicycle
  • Ride my motorcycle
  • Smoke cigarettes, nasty habit
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Best thing about being Liam Morgan

Getting paid to travel and skateboard with friends.

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Worst thing about being Liam Morgan:

Pressure to be “Liam Morgan”

Top songs on your playlist right now:

  • Champion Sound - Crystal fighters
  • Horizons - An horse
  • Da Whip - Andre nickatina
  • Twin Sister - Meet the frownies
Liam Morgan Profile

Top 3 most important things in life:

  • Travel
  • Skate
  • Happiness
Liam Morgan Profile
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