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To everyone who has gotten a board built by Trever, to everyone who has had him set one up for you in the store, to everyone Trever has helped on the phone, we want you to know that you guys were lucky. Trever has parted ways with Daddies Board Shop to pursue his dreams and to go to school full time. But dont you worry, you'll still see him around, out shredding on whatever type of board he has at the time! In the city, in the hills, at the mountain, or in the park... Trever is out there keeping it real!

On his last day we of course had to do him justice. SOOOOO... at 10:15 am... we started getting our drank on.

Sure it wasnt noon yet, but you better believe it was drinking time here at Daddies!

A round of Jameson for everyone! Hear ye hear ye... drink up Johnny Cash.

Right to left: Trever (T-Money), Miguel, Paulito, and Mack J

Down the hatch! This continued until much later in the day!

Adios Trever, we'll see ya again when you're a rich millionaire...

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