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So... over the years there has been rumors around that we dont skate or blah blah blah... and it actually baffles me someone thought that rumor up... and also that people would believe that. I think what happened is that we were too busy out doing stuff on our boards, in new places, and trying new things that... we just didnt really get caught up in any of it. BUT I have been collecting photos of our staff here... and guess what they are doing??? WHOA! they are skateboarding... and... shredding all types of stuff. Like... everything!

Im going to get more pics later out on Dans Mini ramp too! Turns out Dan kills mini ramps and also has no problem going as fast as possible down hills. More pics are coming soon!!!! And wait til snow season... the pictures are going to be EPIC! lol

Heres a clip of some of the shots on a facebook page we got up now! Give it a look, there is plenty of stuff in here to stoke you out!
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