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Julian Stranger founded Anti-Hero Skateboards in 1995 under Deluxe Distribution. Skateboarding was going through some changes and becoming dry at the time and Stranger wanted to break the skate world out of that slump by introducing a fresh new line and outlook. Anti-Hero Skateboards has had some of the greatest skateboarders of all time on its team with names like John Cardiel and Bob Burnquist. Anti-Hero is most famous for its classic Eagle graphic that has been depicted over the years as very clean to drunk, high, hung over, or as a baby bird. This is a company that has bled skateboarding for almost two decades now and will continue to be a staple for decades to come. Why else would Bob Burnquist have dedicated the tramp stamp spot on his lower back to the company that took him out of the slums of Brazil to become one of the top skateboarders in history?