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Girl Skateboards at the #1 Skateboard Shop -

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Girl Skateboards is brought to us by the legendary skateboarders Rick Howard and Mike Carroll – with help from Spike Jonze and Megan Baltimore back in 1993 in Torrance, California. Originally selling finer skateboard decks alone, they have since branched out into apparel as well. Girl has had some of the best team members and videos Skateboarding has ever seen and we believe it’s because these are two guys that were so important to skateboarding that they have always had a following and will continue to do so. With a simple logo that looks like a bathroom facility sign, it is an easy brand to remember and even people that have never stepped foot in a skateboard shop or on a skateboard recognize the brand. Having top pro’s like Sean Malto, Cory Kennedy, Guy Mariano, and Brandon Biebel, Girl Skateboards put out a half dozen of the most revolutionary skateboard videos that we have ever seen and will continue to see through the eyes of Spike Jonze. Girl Skateboards was originally started with the mindset that the young skateboarders would have a future after their bodies gave out on them after the years of punishment. Once they could no longer skate they could continue to influence skateboarding through their ideas. They did so in the behind the scenes fundamental parts of running a company like the graphics, the company’s ideals, and the design of innovative products. Girl has teamed up most recently with R.E.D. and has been donating profits from the decks, wheels, and apparel that they sell to AIDS awareness throughout the world - primarily in Africa. These guys really care about the future of skateboarding and the people involved with it and have been doing a great job showcasing that for the last 20 years. We here at Daddies are sure Girl will continue to do so given they have one of the most recognizable brands the skateboard world has ever seen. Cheers to the legends.

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