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Bustin is known to keep up with modern board designs and also stay ahead of the competition. Well, the crew over at Bustin Longboards did it again, introducing its HollowCore construction. What does this entail? A board from the future! Bustin takes your average board and makes it better than ever. They take the maple core of the deck, cut out unnecessary wood, and then sandwich it between a top and bottom sheet of maple. Imagine an ice cream sandwich: a strong cookie outer, with a lightweight durable ice cream filling. Mmmmmm... This HollowCore feature is in Bustin’s premier boards, the Bustin EQ and the Bustin Will Royce Pro Model. But a light board, what does that mean? A light board is extremely beneficial in longboarding. It starts with easy push off of the start line. Start with an advantage above the rest. HollowCore is also great for freeriding. You have a ton of control when whipping out a board that’s light. Be completely in control over your board with ease of maneuverability. And then to top it all off, when it’s time to walk back up the hill? You know you’re gonna be the one having a good time when your friends will all be lugging around tanks. Functionality and tech specs any gear-head could drool over. Look no further because the Bustin EQ and Bustin Will Royce Pro are here to change the game.

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