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The Sector 9 Meridian is a low and stable downhill and freeride board. This board has its roots in the Sector 9 Natasha, but with updates for an extremely stable do-it-all setup. With its symmetrical design, this board is perfect for freeriding because no matter any which way you ride it, the board will ride the same. When you want to cruise around the city, the drop through platform provides a low ride for easy pushing. With its maple construction, this deck is extremely stiff for all of your downhilling needs. No matter what speed you want to throw at it, the Meridian handles it all with ease and no sign of speed wobbles. This board is a great all around downhill, freeride, and cruiser setup for all of your riding occasions. And to top it all off, these boards come with 2 different graphics! This gives you tons of options for color choices and making sure that no matter what you’re riding, it’ll all match up. Shred anything and everything in your path with the all-new 2015 Sector 9 Meridian.

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