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Emily is primed and ready for another hi level year of racing. Coming off a spectacular season last year as the reigning 3 time IDF women's champion, she also finished in the top ten of the IDF open class. The biggest moment of her skating career was becoming the first woman to ever win the open class at a major downhill event (Mt.Jefferson N.C.). Yes, she beat all the male pros! Leading up to that race she was on fire taking a few open class podium spots, so we knew it was just a matter of time before she won one.


She has been training harder than ever in the offseason to climb even higher this year. Her main goal this year is to break into the top 5 overall by the end of the 2018 IDF racing season. She has her sights set on the first four IDF races in April and May: Newtons Nation in Australia, two races in the Philippines, and one in South Korea.

Just last week she finished Newtons taking the win for the Women's podium as expected. But also made it to the quarterfinals taking 9th place overall out of 60 plus top male pros!


Here's some sweet footage from a side trip she took to Brazil last year, where some of the fastest and most intense roads in the world are. She was hosted by a crew of crazy fast Brazilian riders who took her deep into the lush rainforests where there's seemingly never-ending downhill drops and turns at constant speeds over 50mph.

The “Prossecutor” Fast and Ferrous in Brazil. Enjoy!

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