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The new Landyachtz 2018 Lineup is in the building! The boards won't be on sale until March 15th, but they're being photographed as I write this. Some photos are being edited, and I’m fairly certain one or two of the warehouse dudes have already stolen (borrowed, leased) and set up the Hollowtech Cheesegrater and taken it out for a few laps. But you didn’t hear that from me.

Hollowtech Cheesegrater Hollowtech Cheesegrater

Life’s a beach, and then you have to walk up the hill or get in the van. But then you get to do it all again. So why worry, right? If you’re here purely for Landyachtz hype, please skip ahead while I wax philosophically on how skateboarding and the times you share with your friends skating can change your life. Landyachtz was built by two friends for people who want to explore the outdoors with people they, generally, get along with. Whether you love cruising, freeriding, dancing, long distance pushing, street skating, or mobbing around town or your campus on a cruiser, Landyachtz has a board for you. And whatever board you choose is an excuse to get outside and have a good time. It's a beautiful thing and Landyachtz is one of the best in the biz at making it happen, which is why we're so damn excited about the 2018 Landyachtz drop!

The 2018 Landyachtz Boards are dropping March 15th at 7 am, but I figured you might want to see and read about a few before then. Below I’ve tried to highlight a standout from each category. Let me know, or Robin on our Instagram, if there’s a board you want to see a review on before they drop and we’ll be sure to pull it from inventory and talk about it either here or on Instagram. Deal? Okay, perfect.

Landyachtz Tugboat Pugboat Longboard Deck

Magazine Skate 03 Catalogue Version-26

The Tugboat has been pulling its weight in the line for years now, but we thought you might be a tad pugnacious if we didn’t talk a little bit about the Pug Boat. Yes, that’s a pug. And yes, it is wearing an exotic, ostrich feather hooded coat in outer space. And yes, those purple wheels do match the space stuff in the graphic, but you don’t have to set your board up to match the space stuff. That’s the beauty of it, you can set your Pugboat Longboard Deck however you like.

Landyachtz Ditch Life Longboard Deck

Magazine Skate 03 Catalogue Version-72

There’s no better place for a ditch board to come out of than Hawaii. Why would I take such a firm stance on this might you ask? Wallows, my friend. Wallows is probably one of the most iconic ditch spots in all of skateboarding thanks to the Bones Brigade Animal Chin video where the team ripped through Wallows making it look all too easy to skate. In the same spirit of skating everything, the Ditch Life Crew out of Hawaii took inspiration from famous Hawaiian spots, Wallows, Stokahz, and Uluwatus, to create the Landyachtz Ditch Life Deck. This collaboration features a graphic by Hawaiian ripper Mackenzie Yoshida for this limited-run old-school inspired shape that's ready to run hills, ditches, or down to the market.

Landyachtz Gordito Pop Tart Longboard Deck

Magazine Skate 03 Catalogue Version-77

In the spirit of skating what’s in front of you (that's everything), Landyachtz designed the Gordito Pop Tart. Its wide surface gives you plenty of room to get comfortable, while its shorter, 80s style shape allows for sharper, more precise turns and better handling in settings like garage runs or narrow bike paths. The overall design and shape let you kick slides out easily, cruise through town, and skate pools and transition when the opportunity presents itself. From hill bombs to parking blocks, to your local skatepark, the Landyachtz GPT is truly a do everything board that you can push through town and find something to skate for the afternoon.

Landyachtz Bamboo Stratus Longboard Deck

Magazine Skate 03 Catalogue Version-123

Flex is downright sexy. Yeah, I said it. I’m a fan of flex! Especially when it comes to dancers... And by that, I mean dancer longboards. Landyachtz took this idea and ran with it by taking one of its best-selling dancer shapes and making it even more flexible. The Bamboo Stratus has a bamboo core that gives it a rigidity that bounces and snaps back into place as you dance, so you can pump, weave, and cruise to your heart’s delight. And if that wasn’t enough, this Stratus also features Landyachtz’s Hollowtech design, a process that removes excess wood from the core, reducing the board's overall weight considerably. The reduced weight makes the board easier to flip and shove-it. To make up for the reduced structure, Landyachtz sandwiched the honeycomb design with two layers of fiberglass. The use of Bamboo, Hollowtech design and fiberglass make this one of the lightest, most flexible and durable dancers we’ve seen in some time.

Landyachtz Hollowtech Sidewalker Longboard Deck

Magazine Skate 03 Catalogue Version-76

The weight of the Hollowtech Sidewalker is unbelievable. It should probably be in the featherweight division. Combine that with its functional kicktails and you’ve got yourself a deck that’s ready to rip boardercross, across campus, through town, and everything in between.

Landyachtz Wreck Tangle Longboard Deck

Magazine Skate 03 Catalogue Version-114

The growing popularity of brick shapes in longboarding is a sign of evolution. You see it in other boardsports: surfing and snowboarding specifically. People want to ride a different board to see how it affects the experience. Turns will feel different on the Wreck Tangle--that's a guarantee. You may wreck a few times, but it'll be worth it. The beauty of experimental shapes like this is the unknown and the learning that comes with it. Hit the refresh button on all your local haunts and hills with the all-new Wreck Tangle from Landyachtz.

I could go on about new Landyachtz decks forever, but I’d probably get myself into trouble. I’ve pretty much already convinced myself to buy these boards already… If you have any questions about the rest of the 2018 Landyachtz Longboards, hit us up in the comments below or reach out on Instagram or Facebook. We’d love an excuse to talk ourselves into buying another board!

Magazine Skate 03 Catalogue Version-27 Magazine Skate 03 Catalogue Version-29
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