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The Sector 9 Getaway is a premier cruiser setup, but before I get into why this setup performs so well, I just want to stop and point out how good this board looks! From the cut of the pintail to the overall size of this cruiser, it’s a thing of beauty!

Little Bits Of Excellence

Okay, now that we’ve got that out of the way, we can talk a bit about what’s so great thing about this board. The Sector 9 Getaway combines a little bit of everything, giving you a board that’s the most well rounded cruiser out there. Its origins are in the Sidewinder series, which means it’s equipped with Sidewinder Trucks.

WHAT ARE THOSE?!?!?!?!?!

Sidewinders trucks have a double pivot design, for trucks that turn twice as fast, respond twice as fast, and twice as cool. Well, the last one is opinionated, but we think so. With a double pivot, these trucks have two axises which the trucks turn on, letting you turn much more and have deeper lean and carves. Did we mention that these will make the board twice as responsive? Top that with the top mount design, and you have a board that will turn on a dime.

What’s In It For You

You might be thinking to yourself, “What’s rad about that?” Well, let’s say you’re cruising along and a giant rock is in your path--we’re talkin’ boulder sized--and you need to get around it. Well, with twice the response and turn, that’s easy. You’ll zip around it like a snake, giving you a clear path to go on your merry way. Don’t be that lame guy who picks up his board and WALKS around it. You have to skate it! Skate or die!

Best In 2016?

Overall, the Sector 9 Getaway is one of the most stylish setups we’ve seen in 2016. It’s not only a great for cruising around the city, letting you people slalom with ease, its responsiveness and shape will push you to take your skating to the next level, so not only will you be riding the best 2016 cruiser, you’ll be doing your best riding in 2016!

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