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How long have you been skating?

I have been skating since i was about 5 but really only got into it when i was 12.

What got you into longboarding?

I guess I got into longboarding because I couldn't kickflip like all my friends could in grade 7, so instead found a larger board in an alley and started riding it down hills. I didn't even know what downhill skateboarding was at the time. Didn't know it even existed!

What was your first setup like?

My first setup for downhill was actually a drop thru deck I cut out in woodshop class in grade 8, setup with randal 180s and 90mm fly wheels. It was fully lit.

What was your favorite memory from when you first started skating?

My favorite memory from when I first started skating would probably be when I went to cypress mountain for the first time with my buddy dacotah. I had never skated a hill that fast and long before. It was a beautiful sunny, summer day and we got one run in. It was amazing, and I still didn't even know what a tuck was at that point! I must have been 13 at the time.

You've been in the industry for a long time now, what advice would you have for kids wanting to skate?

Hahahah, that's an interesting question! I'd say don't tell your mom about all the close calls you have, wear a helmet, and read the driving manual for getting your driver’s license. Even if you aren't getting your licence or even if you aren't old enough to drive, it’s a book full of valuable information about how cars use the roads and what the laws are. Having this knowledge will help keep you safe.

What’s the origin of of the wolf shark? Where’d the concept come from?

Well, the idea for the wolfshark came from my desire to ride a topmount board for racing. At the time, landyachtz only had made a few topmounts for certain riders and none for production. So I came up with a simple design and we cut the shape out of a charge from mike McGoldrick’s 9two5 mold.

When was the first shape released?

The first shape was released in 2011, but I had spent all of 2010 riding variations of the design.

What was a priority for that first shape?

I’d say the priority for the first shape was to look a little aggressive while bombing hills. And that’s what lots of people said! Most of the comments I first got on the board were, "I wouldn’t want to take that board in the back if we crashed.”

How has the board changed?

It initially changed a lot between the 2011 and 2012 model. After landyachtz said they wanted to make another board with me that I fully designed, I took advantage of that opportunity and tried some crazy things with it that, at the time, weren't really in the market. I wanted a board with a little bit of drop, little rocker, little w-concave little bit of gas pedals for that extra comfy wide ride feel (i have size 8.5 feet so stop saying that the board is too big for your feet hahahaha) and something that would be good for racing and freeriding. From there, the 2013-14 models were the exact same and a slight derivative of the 2012 model. The 2015-16 models have had a lot of change to them for sure. I’d say get your hands on one if your friend has one or check one out in your local skate shop (or order it from daddies...) to see what the newest design is all about. But to answer the question of how it’s changed? Lots.

What brought about those changes?

Each change was aimed at making a board that really locked your feet in while accommodating several different foot positions. The way that goal has been reached in my designs has definitely varied as you can see from the different models we have come out with.

What are you most excited about with this shape?

I’d say with the current one I'm most stoked that we have two sizes! That's awesome! super excited about that. I usually freeride with a bit of a bigger stance so last years model was good for that but lots of people will ride with a smaller stance than myself so this smaller size model should be better for those people. AND I race with a smaller stance than i freeride with so the smaller board will definitely be my race board for the year.

What makes this board unique? Why is it the best?

Hahahah, what makes this board unique? Why is it the best? Just look at it. Hahaha, I’m pretty sure there isn't a board out there that looks quite like it. And why is it the best? Because I designed it, obviously! Hahaha, I’m just kidding, but it’s definitely awesome to have a board to ride that is EXACTLY how you wanted it, nothing better than that.

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