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For the review of Lib Tech’s 2017 lineup, we decided to explain the differences in Lib Tech’s contour/camber. It’s pretty simple: the easiest contour to ride starts yellow and progresses to red as the level of riding/difficulty increases. We hope these short descriptions help you to find the Lib Tech board contour that fits your needs.

The Basics

  • There are five levels of contour technology: BTX, EC2, C2, XC2, & C3.
  • Rocker goes between your stance and the Camber on the outside; this helps to provide full contact and control in all conditions, or in Lib Tech’s words, “Awesome everywhere.”
  • The central rocker between your feet builds in carve, edge hold, and float.
  • The Cambers build in pop, stability, and control.

The Contours

  • BTX: This contour is the easiest contour to learn on, perfect for jibbing, floating and progressing. It features a flat to mild camber and classic rocker. If you’re new to snowboarding or new to a rocker setup, this is a great choice.
  • EC2: This contour provides control, precision, and float. It features an elliptical camber and classic rocker. It pretty much rips everything, even pow. Lib Tech’s experiMENTAL Division’s favorite.
  • C2: This is Travis Rice’s favorite. If the EC2 is easy perfection, the C2 is perfection. It’s a slightly mellower camber than the EC2, so it still rips everything - even pow.
  • XC2: The XC2 is an aggressive contour. It features a lengthened camber and shortened rocker. It’s Eric Jackson’s favorite contour if that helps. Going with the whole perfection theme, Lib Tech says it’s Aggressive Perfection.
  • C3: Lib Tech’s World’s Best Camber, the C3 is the most aggressive of the five with a subdued camber that doesn’t float and has a mild rocker - it’s more of a classic shape in that the camber doesn’t float and the rocker is mild. For what it’s worth this is Jamie Lynn and Fredi K’s favorite contour.

The Boards

In the BTX Contour, Lib Tech offers the Banana Blaster, Box Scratcher, and The OG 10 year Anniversary Skate Banana.

  • The Banana Blaster is an easy to ride, entry level resort ripper and park jib machine that also kills in that Pow Pow.
  • The Box Scratcher doesn’t know how to turn it off. All it cares about is fun. The whole mountain looks like a jib park when you’re riding the creative jibby twin.
  • 1 score ago Lib Tech brought us the OG Skate Banana, a twin all terrain rip machine. Resort, Pow, the lodge, this thing doesn’t quit. Revolutionary award winning geometries and contours have made this a crowd favorite. Snag this anniversary edition for endless fun.

In the EC2 category, Lib Tech offers the Attack Banana.

  • The Attack Banana is a perfect snowboard that effortlessly rips everything. It’s an all terrain quiver killer. It’s pretty much an all-mountain board: kills the park, shreds groomers and ice, and floats effortlessly on that pow pow.

In the C2 category, Lib Tech offers the Skunk Ape, Banana Magic, the T. Ripper, the T. Rice Pro, and the Lando Phoenix.

  • The Skunk Ape is a high performance board designed by big people for big people. Designed by Lib Tech’s experiMENTAL crew, this power freestyle board was made for bigger dudes.
  • Banana Magic is just what you’d think it is: an enhanced spicy, banana. The extra deep contours and sidecut will help you carve out your 360’s and have magical powers on just about everything.
  • The T. Ripper is a scaled down version of Travis Rice’s pro. Perfect for little hooligans who are looking for a freeride/freestyle board with strong, long lasting pop, and performance.
  • The T. Rice Pro was designed in Jackson Hole by Rice. It’s a lightweight board with long lasting pop, and performance. Rice says, “I like it because my 164 feels and spins like a 161.”
  • Mark Landvik rode the Lando through some of the world’s heaviest conditions during the filming with Travis Rice in the three year Red Bull project. It’s a smooth, strong, stomp everything directional twin freestyle/freeride board.

In the XC2 category, Lib Tech offers the TRS, the T. Rice Gold Member, T. Rice Climax, Round Nose Fish

  • The TRS was designed by Eric Jackson as a park freestyle board that’s proven itself to rip everything a mountain has to offer. The TRS comes in two construction types. Be sure to check out the features of both.
  • If gnarly lines and committing to aggressive riding is on your agenda this season, the Gold Member is a fine choice. The aerospace spin-slim and Balsa enlightened performance construction shaves weight while retaining stability and power for committed lines in the world’s gnarliest terrain.
  • The Climax is Carbon on Carbon tech. T. Rice’s experiMENTAL Division’s Dream Directional Freestyle/Freeride stick.
  • Lost and Lib got together to bring you the Round Nose Finish, a surf inspired resort ripper. Shaped by surf shaper legend, Matt Biolos.

In the C3 category, Lib Tech offers the Utility Knife series, Jamie Lynn Phoenix, the World’s Greenest Board, Half Cap, Wood Smith Coho, Rocket, Jaimie Lynn Mayhem Collab, DIY Blank Deck, and the Black Powder Series.

  • The Utility Knife is for the skateboard influenced snowboarder. It’s a jib and creative freestyle terrain focused ripping machine.
  • The Hot Knife gets its name from its edges. It offers incredible edge hold on ice while providing banana tech with tons of power, pop, and extra float in the pow.
  • The Swiss Knife is Fredi Kalbermatten’s all terrain freestyle stick with a floaty nose and taper angle that kill sin powder, but is still jibby, powerful, and a precise carving machine.
  • The Jaimie Lynn Phoenix is a powerful, no BS board with open side cuts, solid construction, camber dominant contours, and mini Magne-Traction on a directional twin power freestyle board.
  • The World’s Greenest Board is the ultra-environment shred stick, park/jib board conceived in the backcountry.
  • The Half Cap is a 90’s camber inspired ripper with streamlined geometries for powerful and aggressive riding.
  • The Coho was inspired by Matt Cummins’ trips to Japan. It’s a surf inspired board perfect for riding the mountain and ripping deep snow.
  • Lost and Lib got together and shaped up the Rocket, a directional resort fish. Great for Pow and rips hardpack. Shaped by Matt Biolos, renowned surfboard shaper.
  • The Mayhem Collab is a directional, wide, floaty nosed pow stick shaped by surfboard shaper Matt Biolos.
  • The Woodsmith Blank is all yours. The shape is completely up to you.
  • The Black Powder Birdman series is all about getting above the deep stuff for some serious floatation fun. Makes riding Pow laughably easy.
  • The Black Powder Speedodeeps is a do-everything in powder ripper. Stable, floaty, and turns on a dime. The future of all terrain multi-directional freestyle pow snowboarding is here.
  • The Black Powder Nootka is a powder focused ripper with the ability and technical design to shred hard all mountain. Designed by Matt Cummins based off his time at Mt. Baker.
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