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On August 29th, Kyle Wester set out to break the Guinness Fastest Downhill Skateboard Speed record. Today, Santa Cruz released video footage showing Wester maxing out at 89.41mph/143.89kph in Colorado.

We've always known Wester to be fast. From winning Teutonia, formally one of the fastest races in the world, to getting heated in tightly packed film runs. Seeing Wester set this new world record answers very few questions, and raises more than we can count. Firstly, how's his mama feeling?! That's break neck speeds! But more so, what does this mean for the world of downhill skateboarding? What's the limit? What's possible on a skateboard?! When will we see 100?!

This weekend, racers from all around the world including Wester himself will be competing in the Top Speed World Record Challenge event. Where the only thing on their minds is having their name engraved in the history books. Daddies team rider Emily Pross will be out there, competing against the best of the best in Québec, Canada.

Until the release of this footage, the world record was held by Erik Lundberg. On June 7th, Red Bull released footage of Erik Lundberg skating on the same hill in which the Top Speed World Record Challenge event will be held. It was here he broke the previous world record speed held by Mischo Erban at80.74mph/129.94kph, who had held the record since June of 2012. 4 years later, Erik Lundberg beat this record by reaching an astonishing 81.17mph/130.63kph. And now just a short 3 months later, Wester holds the new record at 89.41mph.

If Lundberg maxed out at just over 81mph, will the world's top racers be able to beat Wester's record of nearly 90 mph? Will Wester beat his own record on an all new race course? Only time will tell. But one thing we're sure of, is don't try this at home kids, try it on the hills.

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