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Now, more than ever, it’s important to understand and appreciate the world around us. Thanks to the magic of digital cameras and tireless film crews, we’re able to experience some of life’s greatest miracles first hand. One such miracle is the birth and maturation of the allusive Loaded Icarus or as it’s known in the wild, The Chicken of The Stars.

Follow along as this documentary takes you through the sublime assembly of a Loaded Icarus. Behold the early stages of an Icarus as crude Bamboo Biscuits are carefully shaped, hammered, and affixed to an amorphous Icarus’ body. Become enchanted with the awe inspiring transformation in which the Icarus receives its “brilliant array of naturalistic expression” just before “emerging from its cocoon.” Prepare yourself for a 4 minute nonstop, thrill ride of beauty and form from Loaded Longboards.

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