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Moonshine MFG is a brand new company that has already made a name for itself in the longboarding world. With an unmatched construction, Moonshine is here to take over the game. Moonshine Longboards will perfectly fill your quiver and your skate desires, whether it’s downhill, freeriding, or freestyle, these boards do it all.

The thing that sets this brand above the rest is simple: the construction. These boards are all made of a vertically laminated wood core wrapped in a fiberglass shell, and sealed in with urethane walls. This makes a board… wait for it… waterproof. YES! Finally, after all these years of worrying about the rain, and snow and all the weather hazards out there, you have a board that can withstand it all.

If you’re looking to get your freestyle on, the first thing you should be reaching for is the Moonshine Firewater. It’s a double kick board perfect anywhere from the streets to the park. If you’re looking to push around the city, the Moonshine County Line is your go-to. It comes in two different flexes so you’ll find the perfect ride - guaranteed. And lastly, when it comes to speed, the Moonshine Hooch and Moonshine Rum Runner have exactly what you need. Variable wheelbase options, tons of concave, and features that fine-tune your ride; you’re sure to find something you love from Moonshine MFG.

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