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Yeeeeeeehaw! We got a whole plethora of new 2015 Sector 9 boards and we are just happy as clams. We couldn't be more excited about the new Sector boards that just came in. These handmade beauties from California are both skateboards and pieces of art. Let's just get right into it.

We have the awesome and nimble Sidewinder Series, including boards such as the Sentinel II and the Shoots. You're sure to find your turny and nimble ride in any of these boards. These were made for hard carves and sharp turns. Easily avoid any and all obstacles in your path, whip and weave, and get to your destination in style on the Sidewinder Series. Keep in mind that these boards are designed to work with the Sidewinder Trucks specifically to ensure that you do not get wheelbite.

Don’t think we don't have you speed skaters and free riders covered. We have PLENTY of boards for you to check out as well. Give a quick look at the new Sector 9 Dropper, as well as the Sector 9 Carbon Flight. Both of these boards will perfectly handle any speed you throw at it. Whether you're looking to throw fast stand-up slides, or gnarly pre-drifts at races, these boards will handle anything you throw at them with a speed stiff construction. Make certain you don't get knocked off, and keep the tightest of race lines with these boards.

But don’t get it twisted; the classic top-mount pintail lovers have not been overlooked. They're even bringing back a classic! The old school Goddess of Speed, now known as just The Goddess, gives you exactly that: a top mount pintail board that makes for an excellent cruiser ready to carve and cruise. Having been around for years now, it's back from hiatus to take over your quiver again. This board paved ways for top-mount boards as you know them. If you're riding a top-mount board, there's a good chance it's been influenced by the Goddess. It features wheel wells to run larger wheels, and a directional shape if you're looking for a little speed, too.

But of course, no quiver is complete without a mini cruiser. Have your peepers look towards the full lineup of boards Sector 9 offers for your go-to beer run board. Whether it’s The 95, the Gavin Pro, or the Joel Tudor Pro, they'll have you rollin' and knocking back pints in no time. If you haven't given the new Sector 9 lineup a look-see yet, it's about time you feast your eyes on some of the best boards out there.

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