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Whoa whoa whoa. The Original Maven 35 is in the house. We’ve been waiting a longtime for this board from Original Skateboards. A symmetrical downhill freeride board, this board is 35.75 inches long, 9.75 inches wide, and comes with wheelbase options from 26.5 to 28 inches long. The Maven also features a .925 inch drop to keep you locked in. The standing foot platform of this board is 26 inches. This board is built with 5 plies of maple and quad axial fiberglass top and bottom. Whew... Now that we're done with the techy stuff, let's tell you why this board is AWESOME. The Maven is taking the sweet concave from the Original Diamond Drop 40 you all love and putting it in a racing board! What's so good about that concave? Well, it's a slightly dropped board but it's doing it differently. When you're standing on the board and you get to the drop, the side concave doesn't stop like other drop boards but actually goes all the way to the drop. Creating what we like to call a "true pocket" that will lock you in perfectly. This creates a bowl shape in the board. There's a complete encircling of concave. What's not great about that? Then comes the construction of the board. 5 plies of maple and qual axial fiberglass not only sounds awesome but there is great reasoning behind that. What this does is creates a stiff and speed stable board and makes this deck lighter than using the average 9 plies of maple. BUT THAT'S NOT ALL! By using this construction, this offers a thinner deck which lowers your ride by 1/8th of an inch. And everything about that is great! It offers a lower ride for easier pushing, sliding, and lowers your center of gravity to give you a more stable at speeds. And even though the Maven 35 is a fantastic piece of chocolate cake as it is, Original puts the icing on the cake by giving the Maven a flared up nose and tail for just a little bit of extra fun! This board is a quiver killer, because once you ride this board, you'll want nothing else.
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