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The Sector 9 Carbon Flight is your go-to board for downhilling and it’s just a beast of a setup. A simple creature, the S9 Carbon Flight has all that you need, and none of what you don’t. This board is a simple top-mount directional speed board for all of you racers out there. It has everything you need, and nothing of which you don’t. The Carbon Flight has a straightforward design with none of the gimmicks you see around the industry. This board comes out of Sector 9’s taco mold, which is a simple concave mold - just enough to lock you in when racing and downhilling. The board features 5 plies of maple, sandwiching 2 plies of fiberglass. Sneak in 32 strands of carbon fiber, and you have a very stiff board to ensure maximum stability. But what else does that give you? For one, you have a very lightweight board that is easy to kick off of the start line and rad for drifting corners. Easily throw the weight around without having to feel like you’re lugging around a tank. And with its very thin design, you have a board that sits low to the ground, giving you a lowered center of gravity. What this all entails is a board that is very stable for your downhilling needs, and can help you win races all around the world – no doubt about it.

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